IUD Clinical Study

I’m happy to announce that we are doing a clinical trial for a hormone free, low dose copper IUD (VeraCept).

The study is designed for five years. Everything related to the study, including the IUD and its insertion is free. Also all physical exams are free. You will be compensated for your time and travel. If you complete all of the visits, the total compensation is approximately $1,500. The study is completely voluntary and you may ask to discontinue the study and have the IUD removed at anytime.

VeraCept is a long-acting reversible IUD. It is designed as a hormone free, low-dose copper-releasing birth control method. In its initial clinical trial, it was greater then 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and the success rate for insertion was also 99 percent.

There are many different options for contraception in the United States. Fewer then 10% of women use the most effective methods, such as intrauterine contraceptives. The CHOICE study showed that the actual use pill failure rate is 20 times higher then the failure rate with IUDs.

The ParaGard Copper IUD has been associated with complaints of increased bleeding, inter-menstrual bleeding, and cramping pain. The Mirena IUD is also associated with early complaints of irregular bleeding and cramping pelvic pain.

The VeraCept IUD has 175mm of copper compared with 380mm of copper in the ParaGard IUD. The Vericept applicator is smaller and the IUD more flexible then other IUDs. Therefore, there will be less bleeding and cramping with the VeraCept IUD as compared to the Paragard IUD.

If you are interested, have questions, or would like to participate, please call our office at (702) 242-8800.