Endometriosis Clinical Studies

Earn up to $2,000 for participating in an endometriosis clinical study. 


Do you live in Las Vegas or Henderson and suffer pain due to endometriosis? You may be eligible to participate in a clinical study.

All clinical studies are conducted at Dr. Mabey’s office located at 2881 North Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada — located across the street from Mountain View Hospital. There is no cost to participate and the pharmaceutical company pays all study related expenses.  Patients will receive compensation for their participation.  Participation is always voluntary and patients can decide to stop participating at any time for any reason.  Compensation is paid for each visit and if all visits are completed the total compensation will range from $725 to $2,000, depending upon which study you enroll in.

 In two of the studies for endometriosis, you may receive the non-hormonal medication. The purpose of the each study is to determine whether the investigational product will reduce the pain associated with endometriosis. One study is for one year and the other is for two years. As stated above, you may discontinue at anytime.

To qualify to participate, you need to be 18 years old and older and have received the diagnosis of endometriosis, found at the time of surgery. These studies include blood work, a physical exam, pelvic ultrasounds, and DEXA (bone-density) scans.

The third study is very simple and does not require taking any medication. The sponsoring pharmaceutical company is seeking volunteers, who have endometriosis, to have a DEXA scan (bone-density) scan twice a year for two years.  There are no physical exams required and you can continue to use your current treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

If this is the first time that you have considered participating in a study, you may have concerns on how a study works or about the medication. We are very happy to discuss the studies with you. You may come in at no charge or if you wish we can visit on the phone.  We will work with your current physician and can forward to him or her all of your test results.

Questions? Call Dr. Mabey’s office at 702-242-8936 for more information about enrolling in the Endometriosis study in Las Vegas.